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The concept of Hall & Arena grew out of a kid's fascination with sports. The 1980s were a decade of heroes, and Al Blanton has turned his boyhood idols into his subjects. The purpose of Hall & Arena is to preserve the stories of sport and to celebrate the people of sport, and do so in a compelling manner. We hope you enjoy these portraits of victory, defeat, anguish and joy. We are the best in sports history.

We are Hall & Arena.

Meet the Team


Al Blanton

Founder & CEO

Al Blanton is the owner of Blanton Media Group based out of Jasper, Alabama. In addition to Hall & Arena, Al publishes a local magazine called 78 Magazine and is a freelance writer and photographer. Al recently published his first narrative book, The Fall of Brad Hawley. Al lives with his wife, Chapman, and their two dogs, Moses and Henry.